Welcome to WellnessVerse. I am Heman, a Certified Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach, and Alternative Healing Therapist. I love listening to people and am empathetic by nature. I love animals, art, music, reading, writing, dancing.

Educational background

I have relevant degrees in Counselling, Coaching and Therapy -

  • Tarot Card Success - The Complete Tarot Reading Course

  • Spiritual Healing Advisor and Medium

  • International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills

  • The Arts and Science of Relationships

  • Counselling Master Program

  • Life Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Angel Therapy

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

  • Spiritual Life Coaching

  • Alternative Healing Therapist

  • Chakra Healing Practitioner

  • Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner

My Work experience includes

I have worked with individuals as well as corporates. I have helped my clients with mental health issues such as finding life purpose, work-life balance, communication issues, relationship issues, coping with divorce, stress, anxiety, depression, post-partum depression, insomnia, career related issues, goal setting, anger management, parental guidance, and much more.

My Services include

  1. Counseling

Anger management, Emotional wellness, Parental issues, Relationship issues, Coping with Divorce, Work-life balance, Coping with Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, Building confidence, improving communication skills, Finding life purpose, career counseling

  1. Alternative Therapies

  • Angel Therapy - Finding your Guardian Angel, connecting with Angels, healing using Angel Therapy, Angel Card Reading

  • Chakra Healing - Finding out which Chakra/Chakras is imbalanced, Chakra healing using crystal therapy

  • Reiki - Kundalini Reiki is offered only as Distance Reiki.

  1. Spiritual Life Coaching - connecting to your higher self, finding your life purpose, healing your mind, body and spirit

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