Welcome to WellnessVerse. I am Heman, a Certified Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach, and Alternative Healing Therapist. I love listening to people and am empathetic by nature. I love animals, art, music, reading, writing, dancing. 

Educational background 

I have relevant degrees in Counselling, Coaching and Therapy - 

My Work experience includes

I have worked with individuals as well as corporates. I have helped my clients with mental health issues such as finding life purpose, work-life balance, communication issues, relationship issues, coping with divorce, stress, anxiety, depression, post-partum depression, insomnia, career related issues, goal setting, anger management, parental guidance, and much more.

My Services include

Anger management, Emotional wellness, Parental issues, Relationship issues, Coping with Divorce, Work-life balance, Coping with Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, Building confidence, improving communication skills, Finding life purpose, career counseling

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