Say these Affirmations daily to see and welcome positive changes in your life. 

Daily Positive Affirmation - I can easily move from Ego and Fear to a place of Love. 

Say this daily to manifest abundance, health, peace, love and joy in your life. 

Ego and Fear feed off each other. Let go of these limiting traits to move forward to a better, happier you. You can only receive something when you let go of the blocks and of what is holding you back. Make space for the new to come in. 

For Spiritual Life Coaching, book an appointment to take it further. 

Relationship goals / Relationship Affirmations - My relationships provide all the emotional support I need. 

Say this affirmation daily if you feel like you are not receiving any emotional support from your partner.

Book an appointment with me for Relationship Counselling to take your relationship to the next level, to heal from wounds, to let go of the guilt, pain, anger and anything that's holding you back. 

Weekend Affirmation

Situations in life make us blocked, block our chakras and leave us feeling drained. We often wonder why we did not get married or got the wrong partner, or why are we suffering a certain way. Well we attract what we think and put out there. So keep telling yourself positivie affirmations to attract love in to your life. Genuinely start loving yourself and do as man self-care practices as you possibly can.

Self-Worth Affirmation. 

Recognize your value, your worth. You are worth it. You deserve the Best just like everyone else. Say this daily to bring self-confidence to your life and attract all the love, positivity, abundance and all that you deserve.